Back in the real world.

So, I haven’t been on this blog in a real long time. Not that this is going to get anywhere but worth the vent I feel like. 

To begin this is about politics through my skewed view.  I am in my head an anarcho-communist for lack of a better description.  My beliefs include first and foremost the dismantling of the capitalistic scheme on which  our daily lives revolve, if you don’t agree that’s you choice. But consider this: what problems do you face ever in life that can’t be traced to having capitalism as the root cause? Yes grant you that it’s difficult to comprehend a life without the system in which we were born into, however it is a life which could be much better with out this system in place.  Most people hear the word “anarchist” and think oh no! Tjis guy wants chaos and no rules for anyone. Actually that is not what anarchy means at all. What anarchy means is that there are no rulers but there are rules. I also feel that communism gets a bad rap when you don’t get that complete ideals of it. Now I don’t as of yet consider myself to be a Marxist but I do agree with the premise of workers being in command. When most people hear of  communism they think first of Hitler.  He wad not a communist, that is what you would call a fascist.  I feel that the base ideal of communist thinking is great.  I think about it  like this: the most important jobs are people that are doctors, scientists, technicians, and engineers.  These people make a good wage and all but I feel that they more so do it for the learning aspect or to help others.  We are creatures whom are capable of the greatest amount of compassion and love for on another. Greed, envy, haterd are what get in the way. I don’t know but to me I feel that the downfall of people will be brought about by the rulers being too greedy and not caring about others. There are so many ways to rid ourselves of all this……


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