Let me start by asking this: would being attracted to a transgender/transsexual person make you actually homosexual? To me it seems that it could be looked at either way. On one side the person who is trans identifies in a specific way and in their mind they are who they are. I agree with that. I feel that someone is capable of being themselves as I feel that I’m real with myself. However, whether it’s from fear or irrational ideas or whatever,  people are discriminate. Someone whom identifies as trans can be looked at as being homosexual, when in my opinion, they are entirely secure with themselves and truly are the opposite gender. Now back to the question at hand, in my life I have seen some trans people who are attractive.  I don’t doubt that others have seen an attractive trans person and maybe unknowingly complemented or flrited with them. But what does it all mean? Would you consider yourself into the same sex if you were atttacted to someone who was trans? I wouldn’t just because the person wouldn’t be entirely the same sex as you mentally or physically. .. however what’s your point of view?


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