Is It An Achievable Thing?


My current state of mind has been whirling around certain ideas/ideals. I have this sincere feeling that I need to be in a place where I can learn a lot about living, spirituality, and ideology. I have been spending about a fifth of my daily activity on researching the possibility of being a resident or involved in a commune. I myself am not a radical religious person, nor do I agree with how society is ran in general, nor do I think that the economy is situated in such a way that an average american citizen can achieve a properous life. It is said that this is the land of the free, home of the brave, I find that very hard to agree with.

Most people in America have are all in all free, in general terms. You can wear anything, be any reglious faction you wish, work, eat, enjoy most of what life has to offer. My qualms are about the underlying way in which we have the wool pulled over our eyes. In my mind “democarcy” is not as it seems. To me when you have a capitalistic government everything is changed. It’s a for profit state in which we reside. We are full of the idea that communism and socialism are these horrible ways of living.To me though most countries that are considered to be Communist Or Socialist have happier people living there and a better equality for the poor and homeless which don’t really exsist.

Anyway the basic question i have is do you happen to think that joining a Commune is an achievable thing for me and how realistic it is that i make it into one during this year??

Does anyone have any resources on this subject please inform me if possible. It would be very appreciated.


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