So today I have come to the realization that there aren’t any stand out writers of my time. Yes, however there are many grand novelist and such but what about the people who right just to preserve thouhgt. The romantic love feelings, the tragic letdowns, the forgotten promises made on blurred lips. I for one do recognise that there are all kinds of blogs, tweets, post, status updates, and all but how long will they be there cor everyone to indulge in??? What if the day comes when they no longer exists.  Are you not going to look back at an older age wondering the thoughts of our peers? All the trials and frustration and just life that went on and the ones who worte it. Well maybe one day there will be a brighter side to things when we can put down our devoutly loved electronic memriors and actually write some solid you know. Tangible.  Well who is to say that this will be here in the morning?????? 


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